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Asa Russell, LIMHP, LCPCC

Welcome! I'm glad to have a chance to tell you a little bit more about myself. 

I am a native Mainer and have lived in Omaha, NE since 2018. Prior to this, I lived in Berlin, Germany and Portland, ME, where  had a private practice in Brunswick. When I am not working, I spend my time with my partner, Marion, who is a professor of occupational therapy at Creighton University, and Frankie, our absurdly cheerful chiweenie rescue pup who joined us just after we moved here. 

For me, becoming a therapist grew out of my own experiences of challenge in the form of both chronic health issues and identity development. As a transgender man who came of age in a world that did not seem to know which questions to ask, the road to self-hood and wholeness was neither direct nor easy. What I found along the way was that everyone deserves gentleness, and the right person at the right time can be life-giving. 

Outside my work as a therapist and coach, I edit and translate for NoTube Interdisciplinary Therapy Center in Graz, Austria. I also have the great privilege of doing research on health disparities with Marion and on early childhood eating and feeding disorders alongside our colleagues at the Medical University of Graz. These things keep me pretty busy, but I also love traveling, walks and tricks with Frankie, coffee breaks, the ocean, music, being playful, and trying to get ahead of the endless projects on our older home.

Mission and Values

It is my primary goal to provide a space in which to promote change and increase agency and ease in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. I want my work and advocacy to help eliminate barriers that people face when seeking help. 


I  value each client as an individual and approach every person's story with acceptance and humility. 

Everyone faces unique challenges and deserve the time, space, and safety to work on their own goals at their own pace. I am here to walk alongside you as you navigate your own distinct journey towards acceptance and success.

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