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Acing Academia

My approach to coaching for the academic market is focused on helping you negotiate the process with a sense of efficacy and agency. It is easy to become distracted by the steps, overwhelmed by the whole or ricochet between these at intervals, whether you are an entering professional or a seasoned academic. We will look at the transactional elements of the process to find room for enhancing your experience of this journey. I want to help you reclaim your career. Let's look together and see what happens when possibility is entertained. ​I ask that you begin with one of the Acing Academia starter packages, specially designed for various stages of academic career. From there, meetings can also be booked on a single-session basis. ​

If you are looking for more traditional therapy services, you may have noticed that it is difficult to find a therapist who understands the peculiar workplace pressures and lifestyle that accompany an this career path. The academic world is significantly different from other environments, and having a therapist who is familiar with this reality can facilitate the therapeutic process. As a "trailing spouse" who works intimately with my partner on setting and achieving academic career goals, I understand the peculiar pressures and pitfalls of the professional academic environment.

Acing Academia packages also make great gifts!

Contact me to arrange a gift certificate. 

White Sand and Stone

Job Market Package - $400

-$150 discount for new graduates-
In this package, I'll be accompanying you through a season of the job market with three sessions to work on decision-making, strategies for handling stress, and confidence building. 
Here is a suggested format for these meetings:
  • Preparation meeting to identify your strengths, prepare to confront stressors of the job market, explore what kinds of positions you'll find yourself applying for, negotiating the impact of options on your personal life.

  • 2nd meeting to discuss your approach to writing about yourself in application materials 

  • 3rd meeting that we can use to reflect on application results and next steps

This package also includes a $100 coupon for the Interview Package, should you choose to book it.

Additional sessions can be booked at a rate of $120.00 per meeting


($90 for new grads)

Rock in Sand
White Sands

Interview Package - $150

Building your interview mindset for the campus interview 
Package includes:
  • Confidence-building, pep talk, prep zoom for campus visit/zoom interview
  • Optional 30-minute phone consultation during campus visit

Mid-Career Package - $400

This starting package includes three sessions: 
  1. getting to know you and starting our collaboration
  2. exploring the options
  3. steps into the future
Together, we will identify your needs and goals and focus on areas such as:
  • Redefining your sense of purpose

  • Increasing your sense of agency in this new stage of your career

  • Exploring this new professional satus

  • Adjusting to new responsibilities and increasing demands of service

  • Recovering from the tenure process

  • Re-envisioning your relationship to your field of study

  • Reenergizing your research agenda after tenure

  • (Re)gaining a sense of professional satisfaction

Additional sessions can be booked at a rate of $120 per meeting

White Sand and Stone
White Sand and Stone
Zen Garden

Those contemplating or navigating a career change - $400

This starting package includes three sessions where will be actively engaged in the process of identity transition as you consider possible options such as shaping your qualifications in a new direction, (re)entering a (new) job market, and reimagining your life.

Additional sessions can be booked at a rate of $120.00 per meeting

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